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Bus Simulator 2015 is a 3D driving game in which you can drive different types of bus lines in various places around the world, such as Los Angeles, Berlin, Rome, Alaska, etc.

You can choose between several control systems: you can use the accelerometer (tilting your device to the sides to turn), or use the touch screen (tapping the screen to turn). Besides, you can play Bus Simulator 2015 using different cameras: first-person from inside the bus, wide view, and third-person view.

As expected, each of the scenarios in Bus Simulator 2015 has its own characteristics. This way, for instance, Alaska presents a large frozen tundra with little traffic, while Los Angeles is a much more urban setting, and vehicles are everywhere.

As for game modes, Bus Simulator 2015 features a race mode in which you can play a single player campaign; and a free mode, in which you can choose a bus and a city and just start driving around.

Bus Simulator 2015 is driving simulator that has good graphics and a great amount of content. Despite having some defects, it still offers a very entertaining experience.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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